Thursday, July 21, 2022

Becky From HR Fails In Tory Leadership Bid

OMG! Penny Mordaunt has, like, totally failed to become Tory leader. 


The good news is that she can still identify as a Tory leader, so there is that. 

On the down side, nearly 30% of Tory MPs actually voted for this walking NPC. 

There're the well-known controversies, like self-ID,  but it's also clear that, once you get behind the vacuous public image, she has hidden shallows. 

The big advantage Becky has is that when she comes out with some leftist nonsense the leftism tends to distract people from the underlying absurdity of the statement. What does 'change is the engine room of equality' even mean anyway? It's like something from a woke fortune cookie.

Apparently, Becky saw Liz Truss modelling herself on St Margaret and thought 'I'll do the same, except with Meghan Markle'. 

Again, this is what over a hundred Tory MPs voted for. These are the guys who don't think their members should have a vote until they've already whittled the candidates down to two. They say their party believes in trusting the people, but then they claim even their own members don't have the very special super genius required to select viable candidates. 

After all, the base might vote for some kook, instead of a proven vote winner, like the woman who wants Joe Voter's five year old daughter sharing a changing room with a woman with a beard (and lies about it even though she's on tape saying so), hangs out with jihadist nutcases and hates 'Dad's Army'. 

This, THIS, is what the voters are crying out for!

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’ It's like something from a woke fortune cookie.’