Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Rainbow Utopia Postponed Again

Good news everyone! We've finally got the left to understand that not all claims of discrimination are valid:
In short, this survey was likely completed by individuals already conscious of and concerned with prejudice and discrimination against [REDACTED I] in America. This does not invalidate the report, but it does suggest that its results may not be a good representation of [REDACTED II] experiences and views.
And what is REDACTED I and REDACTED II you ask? Well, that's the thing....

REDACTED I is Dalits i.e. low caste Hindus and REDACTED II is Indian Americans. 

Call me cynical but I'm guessing if the Dalits were complaining about heritage Americans suddenly we'd be expected to swallow these atrocity stories whole. 

It's just like how everything is raciss except for grooming gangs which are just random collections of people with nothing in common whatsoever. 

In fact, it's worse than that. These kind of surveys are exactly the kind of thing the spoilt daughters of Brahmin caste immigrants cite as proof that the West sucks. Not only are they taken as proof positive of discrimination in those cases, we're definitely not allowed to ask if their upbringing as members of a supposed elite might have possibly, just maybe, given them absurd expectations of deference from all and sundry. 

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