Friday, July 15, 2022

I Don't Think A New Leader Will Fix This...

Start as you mean to go on you cucks!

The Tory Party's first leadership debate is tonight and so naturally they've decided to hold it on GB News...

No, just kidding, it's Channel 4. 

Of course it it. Why wouldn't you hold it on such a famously unbiased channel

Just to ram the point home, the moderator is Krishnan Guru-Murphy, the sneery rich kid race hustler. 

And, seriously, if a born filthy rich, private school & Oxford educated Metro media lovey can't speak for the conservative base, who can? 

There's a serious point here. Why is the Tory Party giving credibility to a liberal cess pit like Channel 4 anyway? 

Nothing these people are involved in qualifies as 'journalism' by any reasonable definition. Expect ninety minutes of stupid gotchas, 'have you stopped beating your wife' and the loony obsessions of Metropolitan wokies. 

The point is the modern Tory Party is useless as an ally and harmless as an enemy. They won't do anything to help their base but they'll pander to a bunch of smug North London prats who will never vote for them in a million years. 

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The tory party IS a liberal/progressive cess pit. Damn their eyes! Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates will win regardless who becomes PM. They're all twats and cunts except Kemi is not one yet. Not advocating anything but I will look forward to the comeback of political assassinations, I don't give a fuck.