Wednesday, June 15, 2022

King Unknown The First Outlaws Britain

Bad news everyone! Apparently, the Government can put you under house arrest, close down your business and deny you cancer treatment but they can't deport the Beast of Benghazi. 

It's against his umantites, innit?

The Beast wants safe haven but Rwanda doesn't count... for reasons. 

And that's why conservatives are racists! I'm willing to bet not one in a thousand of these morons could explain what's actually wrong with Rwanda. Nope, we're just meant to accept that it's full of.... those people

They never quite say what they mean but, then again, why would they have to? It's not like they need to appeal to actual voters. The Labour Party - aka the former People's Party - only campaigns in one constituency these days: Judgesham-on-sea. 

Meanwhile, the Cuckservatives refuse to draw the obvious conclusion from a Labour Party afraid even to state clearly what it believes. Like I keep saying, the left doesn't rely on judges to get its agenda through because its policies are popular. 

Besides, as the saying goes, justice must not only be done, but must be done behind closed doors with zero transparency. 

At least I think that's how it goes. Still, at least it's a reminder that for all the 'Putin supports Brexit' talking points, it always seems to be the Eurocrats that are down with Mother Russia. 

The only real issue I have with talk of 'foreign judges' is that it presupposes there is such a thing as a 'British' judge. 

Nope, all the judges round here are clearly proud citizens of the Republic of Davos.  Meanwhile, just like the Rwandans, we're barbarous, primitive natives needing to be civilised by our betters. 

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