Wednesday, June 09, 2021

'Shut Up' They Explained

I'm not saying that all the cash flowing into the Formerly Beautiful Game has given these guys megalomania, but the FA has just gone after Her Majesty's Government. 

Apparently, the FA is butt hurt that their customers aren't prepared to sit there like lemons while a bunch of multi-millionaire douchebags assail them for their white privilege, and so they want HMG to.... do something. 

It's the modern left everybody!  They've gone full 'Producers'. 

This is all further proof of the Great Realignment. Now it's the left that doesn't think the common rabble should be allowed to answer back to their betters. 

There's another obvious point here though: the FA claims the Government is taking the populist position, but also that the people booing are a tiny minority of nuts. 


How does that even work?

I'm guessing - much like a certain referendum I could mention - we're talking a lunatic fringe majority. 

Either that, or the FA means a 'tiny minority' of the people in North London. 

Hey, with a by-election coming up, I'm not sure reminding people that the left wanted to toss out the votes of 52% of the country is really the killer line they think it.  At this point, there's a good case for the FA to have to register its attack on the Government as a campaign contribution to the Tories. 

Here's the thing though. Too many people on the right are getting drawn into talking about the specifics of what BLM support and the wider history of Marxism. It's more simple than that. 

We've been told for years that 'if someone thinks something is racist, then it is'.

Hey, it's a stupid rule, but it's the left's rule. It's what they've proclaimed right up until two minutes ago. Now we're talking about anti-white racism, suddenly they claim it's only racist if the Central Committee on Racism sign off on it. 

Apparently, it's meant to be significant that the people who want to make a racist gesture at a football match have denied that the gesture in question is racist. 

Yep, they've really gone with the old 'I'm not racist but...'.

Say, I wonder if  'some of their best friends are white'?

That's the point the right needs to be hammering home. The left has reversed pretty much everything they said for the last twenty years, just to attack the white working class, and yet no one's calling them out on this


JuliaM said...

Someone on Twitter suggested that instead of booing, they should all laugh and point instead.

Anonymous said...

We've been told for years that 'if someone thinks something is racist, then it is'.

Not at all. We've been told that 'if a black person thinks something is racist, then it is'. That was established by the Stephen Lawrence case.

For at least 30 years the left has said: Racism = prejudice + power. And since black people (including Robert Mugabe) have no power, then black people cannot be racist. That's why Hamas get a free pass even though they make Hitler look moderate. In fact it is the core principle. I'm surprised you didn't get the memo.

You are dead right on the point about the "wider history of Marxism". That's a dead end as a means of persuading anyone. In fact you are more likely to convert people the other way.