Monday, March 14, 2005

Singapore, 2005

With the Deepcut reporting coming out, the top brass obviously felt the need to get a few L3 on-side. Now that's top-class dhimmitude!

The head of the UK Armed Forces made a direct appeal to the British Islamic community to encourage more Muslims to join up.
But plenty of Muslims have already joined up to fight in the War - true, they've joined the other side, but hey - let's not be narrow-minded here.

The Chief of Defence Staff, General Sir Michael Walker, promised "fulfilling careers and high-quality training" for recruits.
Yep - that's the Army alright. Training and fulfilment - kind of like going to Uni but with a slightly more restrictive dress code.

That's the good part. It gets worse - a lot worse.

Addressing leading members of the Muslim community, he paid tribute to the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) for promoting tolerance and understanding of different cultures in Britain.
Generic point: how do you get to be a leading member of a [PC victim community d'jour] ? More specifically, who says that the MCB speaks for Muslims ? Did they hold an election or what ? Instinct tells me that the type of Muslim who will fight for Britain is the type of person least likely to show fealty towards the thugs'n'thools at the MCB. Incidentally, just what other cultures has the MCB promoted tolerance of ? There's supermodels less self-centred than these pondlife.

Anyway, what happened to the consitutional safeguard that soldiers don't engage in politics ? Expressing support for the MCB is hardly a dry, technical matter. Take, for example, this:

Speaking at the Islamic Cultural Centre in Regent's Park, central London, he said: "I would like to pay tribute to the MCB's invaluable work to promote better community relations and increase knowledge and understanding of the Muslim faith within British society.

"The MCB has made a real and lasting contribution to the creation of a just and tolerant society.
Say what ? True, as long as we have the MCB, we'll never run short of taqqiya, but creating a tolerant society ? Has this bloke been drinking the Kool Aid or just chopper fuel ? This is just garbage - wrong on any number of levels, and it's a disgrace that any professional soldier could say it. More than that though, it's an outrageous offence against our system of government. Other nations may welcome generals speaking up in favour of this policy or that, but not round here. That Britain's top serviceman has chosen to align himself with the L3 is a perfect example of Blairism's only true achievement - its ability to corrupt everything.

Time was when servicemen - even Hostilities Only soldiers, yanked out of Civey St and sent in harms way - would find it in themselves to resist weeks of torture by the Gestapo. Now, the mere threat of a nasty article in the Guardian is enough for them to throw the towel in.

How did things get this bad ? Here's a clue:

"I would also like to emphasise my personal commitment to creating Armed Forces which reflect more fully the religious, cultural and ethnic diversity of the society we serve.
Yes, that's exactly what it's all about. Our Armed Services are a laboratory for L3 social engineering. It's the Liberals attempts to have an Army that works as well as our education system. Why bother to take it all seriously ?

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