Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Acme Of Religion

Scott passes on some good news. You know those Islamic gangsters plaguing our cities ? Well, you'll never guess what, but they aren't practising true Islam.

Hey, is it just me or do anyone else start to suspect the claims that Islam has a billion drones world-wide when every time we hear about an actual Islamoid he turns out not to be practising true Islam ? Or is practising true Islam kind of like Wile E Coyote catching the roadrunner, something that can never actually happen ?

Still, the article does include a fabulous example of that famous Islamic thought:

Toaha Qureshi, who chairs the Lambeth Muslim Forum and runs a multicultural youth project in Stockwell, south London, was aware of local gangs "camouflaging themselves in the banner of Islam" and feared they would try to infiltrate mosques to corrupt young Muslims. He said people wishing to convert to Islam should be questioned about their motivation and undergo rigorous tests. Criminals should not be tolerated.
Like, OK, so there're not Muslims then. Except the next paragraph says this:

"Since 9/11 Muslims are under tremendous pressure. Young people are disaffected and it is up to the statutory agencies and community leaders to divert them into worthwhile employment and projects," he said.
So the criminals are not Muslims but nevertheless their crimes prove that us Dhimmis aren't paying enough Danegeld to the Dar El Islam. Gosh, with great thinkers like that I can't see how they keep getting pounded into the ground by a country with about the same population and area as Greater London.

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