Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Like, History, Man

No one goes to Uni without meeting the Pretentious Stoners - people who think that getting high as a kite and babbling about, like, y'know, "if lobsters could sing, what would they sound like ?", is soooooo deep. If you've ever wondered what happens to them when they graduate, I can now reveal that they get jobs drawing up exam syllabuses.

The Historical Association recommends a "complete overhaul" of teaching of the subject at GCSE and A-level.
Much of the curriculum is speculative and unhistorical, its report adds.
In one exam, pupils were asked what ancient Romans would have made of a 19th-Century cartoon about the quality of London's drinking water.
Like, totally. Who hasn't wondered what would've happened if Napoleon had been able to clone himself ? Pretty much everyone actually, but now it's passing as scholarship. So at least we don't need to wonder anymore how rising exam passes can coexist with massive cluelessness.

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