Monday, March 21, 2005

So, I Guess 'The Secret Jihadi' Is Off Then ?

No doubt the Beeb would dismiss this purely as the luck of the draw, just a completely amazing coincidence. OK, so what's with this ?

Let's not equivocate here. If you were relying on the BBC's coverage you would have got a completely warped perspective on the true nature of the demonstrators. Yes - that is the BBC, the 'uniquely funded', £3 billion a year Beeb. The BBC that almost gave itself repetitive strain injury patting itself on the back over 'The Secret Policeman'. The BBC that can't hardly run a story on Michael Howard without claiming that 'some are suggesting' that Mikey is pandering to extremists. Yet when there are real extremists, real advocates of violence, parading virtually past its front window, the Beeb decides what we really need is clich├ęs: the wacky eccentric pensioner and the antiwar ex-soldiers (all two of them).

This isn't just bias. Forget the politics - this is just bad journalism. The alleged journalists could have sat in the staff canteen and simply changed a few words on the press release. They're not slanting their reports, they've actually stopped doing any reporting. Just where does that £3 billion go ?

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