Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Pathology Of The Left

The Beeb's comment section is justifiably notorious which is why it's frequently referred to as Don't Have Your Say. Then again, as Honest Abe once said, the thing that kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself, and DHYS certainly provides a fabulous platform for the Left to show their true nature.

Take a look at this thread and note how many of the L3 are incapable simply of congratulating this heroic individual without injecting their own pathetic political points. It's the perfect measure of the monomania and self-obsession of the modern Left: yezhesahero BUT what about the BushChimpler and his illegal war for....

Maybe that's what the Left mean when they talk about a classless society ?

Meanwhile, the BBC proves there are some forms of bigotry which are just ducky, with the not at all loaded question 'How can gun crime be tackled ?'. Read and enjoy, and don't miss the comment that more than any other sums up the hoplophopbe's mindset:

Zero tolerance, 25 years for owning any gun, including air-guns. No licenses for any purpose whatsoever, no clubs, no fakes, no decommissioned weapons. £10,000 reward and anonymity for reporting any gun ownership. Censorship on all films and games involving guns or ammunition, including old-favourites like 'High Noon'.
Colin Harrison, London England
You see ? It's all Gary Cooper's fault.

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