Thursday, March 24, 2005

Paging Dr Freud

The Guardians of Moral Seriousness at the Indie are deeply concerned, as Kofi would no doubt say, about people stirring up hysteria over paedophillia. As Laban points out, there's more than a hint of projection here. The Indie has a fine track record of waving the bloody shirt when it can advance the left wing agenda, and in particular the interest of the anti-family fanatics at the NSPCC. At least the knuckledraggers are worried about actual crimes - the defining feature about the Indie's moment of glory was the way techniques such as trawling were used to manufacture crimes out of thin air.

Still, we have one interesting revelation:

Rising hostility toward minority groups, clamour for tough sentences against offenders and a sinister desire for retribution are being driven by an increasingly prevalent right-wing agenda.
Yes, you've got us: the VRWC is involved in a dark conspiracy to target perverts.

It says a lot about the kool aid-sodden world of the Indie that it doesn't even occur to them that's they've given the game away here. Here it is straight from the horses' mouth: protecting kids from predators is part of the right-wing agenda while the Left thinks paedophilies are a persecuted minority, much like blacks (but Tories are racists!).

Hey - how come Libs get all tetchy when I say that ?

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