Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Trouble In The Moonbat Enclosure

I'm with St Ann - at least the Soviets were nice enough to be white, meaning that you could call these scumbags scumbags without having to put up with the idiot yapping of the Left claiming you were clearly prejudiced against Slavs.

Now, of course, everything's changed - the USSR let the Left down but they've managed to find an even-worse ideology to moon over and this time they get to call their critics racists. Which is lucky since there's not a lot you can actually say in favour of Islam.

Still, all is not well in Lefty Neverland. Laban Tall points out that the L3 are descending into another bout of typically absurd internecine warfare, this time over the whole question of Islamophobia. The screaming moonbat Left takes issue with the merely screeching moonbat Left and their failure to properly apply socialists principles. Actually, now I think about it, that describes just about every Lefty tiff ever. Normally, I'd say lock the doors and let them have at it, but - for once - the debate does actually raise some valid questions.

The screamers point out - correctly - that the screechers's tolerance of Islam is predicated on the existence of an elusive, yet huge, body of moderate Muslims who support gay rights, women's rights….. in fact, the whole screecher agenda. Or to put it another way, screecher's are so open-minded they'll even accept people just like them.

In contrast, the screamer's are admirably clear-sighted about Islam. They have no illusions about the compatibility of Islam with, say, democracy or the secular state. The only problem is that by acknowledging these facts, they completely undercut their own point. If Islam truly is incompatible with, say, women's rights, then there is nothing irrational or prejudiced in a feminist opposing it. Quite the opposite, in fact. It is the screamers whose motives need to be questioned.

Some would say that the screamer's position is merely the end product of making non-judgementalism your highest aim. Yet, when it comes to the US, Israel or Western Civilisation in general, the screamers have not the slightest qualms about condemning them. Indeed, the only coherent theme in the screamer rhetoric is hatred of the West. Movements such as feminism or gay rights certainly served a useful Gramscian purpose for the screamers, but they don't need them anymore - they have a new hope now and, doubtless with some relief, the screamers can leave Peter Tatchell and Co on the kerb.

Still, for all that, I prefer the screamer position - it's just more honest. These folks hate our civilisation and barely bother to conceal it. The sceechers on the other hand ? What is the search for 'moderate Islam' if not a desperate attempt to avoid the horrible truth obvious to anyone who spends even a minute comparing Sha'ria to secular democracy: our civilisation is better

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