Thursday, April 21, 2005

Thought On God, Man And Judges

MH detects a note, nay, even a whole symphony, of humbuggery from those Metropolitan Liberals professing to be shocked - shocked! - that Blair is a liar and took the country into war. These people were onboard when Blair smeared a 92 year old woman whose family had the temerity to complain about lousy treatment from the NHS. They backed him launching a war to hand over part of someone else's country to Islamic fundamentalists (hey, Liberals, any closer to finding those 100 000 dead Kosovans yet ?). But when he went after a murderous dictator, well, that's just going too far.

In a similar vein, he rightly points out one of the most revealing aspects of the media's B16 meltdown - the fact they're absolutely freaked out by the idea of a man who knows his own mind and says what he means. What's his angle with all this religion stuff, anyway ?

Liberals have been outraged over Peter the C's comment that at least B16 has the right enemies. That's far too shallow for our deep thinking members of the Bush=Hitler fraternity. Apparently, you're supposed to consider Liberal objections on their merits rather than consider the fact that they're coming from people who've always hated Christianity anyway. But are we really not supposed to remember that these people have been wrong about every issue since about 1975 ? More to the point, PC is exactly right that just about every L3 face card has been banging away on the ol' Smear-A-Matic since the election of B16 was announced and what's been the result of this Liberal feeding frenzy ? Ah yes.... I thought these people were scrapping the bottom of the barrell with Bush=Hitler, but now it's Pope=Catholic, we have to face facts: it's time we left the Left to die with dignity.

That might sound harsh, but hey - it's the spirit of the age. After all, the Left is still busy trying to bury Charlotte Wyatt. Of course, she was doomed to die last September except she's still alive but now she's totally double-doomed with swords, oakleaves and gold cluster. After all, three separate judges have pronounced her case hopeless. Oops, no: Mr Justice Hedley pronounced sentence of death first time round then he's reviewed his own decision twice and found it to be perfect. Apparently, without the facility of judicial review, the Army would be massacring innocent Iraqis, cops would be filing witness statements in the incinerator and pharmaceutical companies would be marketing cyanide-based products - but you can take this whole independent oversight thing too far.

Interestingly, the Left has chosen this case to showcase its commitment to open government. Laban Tall - who's been on it from the start - passes on the modest scope of the injunction on reporting this case:

A revised Injunction Order has been made in the Family Division of the High Court, dated 27 September 2004, (Mr Justice Hedley) regarding Charlotte Wyatt. The order made is exceptionally wide, prohibiting any reporting, in words or images, that may lead not only to the baby's identification but also to her medical condition, any of her family, where she is being treated, her medical team, or the trusts and hospitals for whom they work. If in any doubt please consult a staff lawyer before publishing.
I'm thinking horse/stable door as far as much of that goes, but as for the rest ? Huh ? The Left professes to be horrified at the prospect of Al-Quaida scumbags being convicted on the basis of secret evidence - well, here's a death sentence and the courts don't want you to know, well, anything really. How on Earth can they justify that ? Is it just me, or is the Left pulling the old debate/hate trick again.

What we are talking about are the actions of State employees at a State-owned hospital. This is certainly more worthy of public interest than the latest twist in the Wayne/Colleen saga, but no - best not to say anything, lest we stir up the crazed mass of Christians. When it comes to the Religion of Peace, the Left sounds just like Monty Python: 'September 11 was a one off, there'll never be another incident like September 11 or Bali. Just a couple of isolated incidents. No reason to let a pair of freak incidents like September 11, Bali and Madrid…Three isolated incident…' But mention Christians and the Left professes to be terrified at the thought of B16's crazed minions rampaging round the country. Respectful though I normally am of Liberal's point of view, I just can't see that a country where a child can be condemned to death on rapidly disintegrating scientific evidence and the say so of a single judge is necessarily at risk of falling under a crazed Christian theocracy.

Then again, the Left never could really understand this Chrisitanity thing anyway. Blimpish goes dumpster diving and reveals an early draft of the Guardian's report on the election of B16.

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