Friday, April 15, 2005

The Peasants Are Revolting

Power up the vacuum chamber and prepare the nano-violin - I wish to play a sad song for all those social workers in blue having to face….no, no, it's too much...having to face public criticism.

Actually, that isn't quite how they put it:

POLICE have received hate mail over jailed schoolteacher Linda Walker.

Officers have been sent dozens of emails and letters, as well as taking phone calls from all over the country, from people angered over how police handled the investigation.
IANAL, but I'm pretty sure sending hate mail is an offence. If only they had some contacts in the law enforcement community….But wait: they've magnanimously refused to take action over this alleged hate mail which, amazingly enough, means they don't have to provide any actual evidence of actual hate, rather than merely robust public criticism. Who'd have thunk it ?

Actually, the Filth are just taking their cue from their masters. If Cherie Blair was discovered to eat babies for breakfast, the Left would be out there complaining about sexist coverage. At least I hope it's that: I'd hate to think that we reached such heights of feeding-Rover-at-the-table that our living-dead public servants now genuinely believe that any public criticism whatsoever constitutes an offence.

It's OK though - apparently there's a simple explanation:

Chief Supt Holt said: "There have been a lot of letters, written on the basis of misinformation and inaccuracy.

"What I have tried to do is correct those inaccuracies.
You see, we don't 'ave the knowin' of stuff like what our hardworking, intelligent, public sector class do. We've allowed ourselves to be seduced by the tabloids, the Conservative Party, the freemasons and the International Zionist Conspiracy. Or to put it another way, it turns out we're STOOPID.


Thing is this slimy, syphilitic, socialist errand boy appears to be well-equipped to talk about misinformation. Take this comment:

Mr Holt pointed out a jury had found Walker guilty and a judge had jailed her - the police had played no part in either decision.
Funnily enough, the Nuremberg defence doesn't apply in the era of 'my resources fell down the stairs, guv' policing. It was the Police who decided to abandon Linda Walker to the thugs, yet somehow found a whole bunch of resources going spare when it was time to target her, just like it was the Police who decided not to caution her and instead call in CPS.

Then again, try this:

Is it okay to go out armed and confront the first people you come across, even if you have no proof they were responsible for discarding litter in your garden?

"While I accept she was frustrated, her actions were not proportionate. It could have been anybody's children out on the street."
Children ????? Since when has 18 years old been considered childhood ? Oh right, yeah - since when it was useful to blood-sucking Liberal parasites trying to play the victim card. Contrary to what this conniving piece of socialist slime is trying to claim, the two state-appointed victims were emphatically not 'anybody'. They were experienced criminals - if Linda Walker can choose two people, completely at random, who just happen to be serial offenders, she shouldn't be being persecuted by the Police, she should be running them.

Then there's this:

Even if people had damaged her car, it can never be a proportionate response to take a loaded firearm out onto the streets.
Well, I don't know Officer Suckweasel, let's wait until that actually happens. Right now, we're talking about a woman who took an air pistol onto the street. I mean, I know promotion is based on politics these days, but these Leftist tools could at least try and pass themselves off as real Police officers. While an air weapon is considered as if it was a firearm if used in the commission of an offence, that doesn't actually make it a firearm, anymore than putting a lead on your cat makes him a dog. The law clearly distinguishes between firearms and air weapons (and shotguns too, actually). This isn't a mere technicality either - real pistols typically have 100-200x the hitting power of an air pistol. Or to put it another way - legally, technically, morally it is a nonsense to suggest that Linda Walker was 'armed with a firearm'.

This kind of legalistic chicanery is SOP for pols, but it does kind of sink the Police's posturing as disinterested upholders of the Law. They aren't just 'doing their job', they're enthusiastically trying to shred their opponent's reputations. But don’t no one criticise them. That'd be Hate Speech, doncha'know ?

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