Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Quote D'Jour

Our future PM details the Prince of the Platinum Bandwith's hysterical reaction to the news that the Pope is a Catholic, which reminds me of the perfect rebutal over at the Animal House. Take it away #190 a.k.a. Aksuperior:

Listen up, Gay Marri... I mean, Andrew Sullivan:

It's a religion, not a democracy. God doesn't focus-group questions of Right and Wrong.

If you don't like it, there are plenty of religions that would be happy to have you. You'll find them long on acceptance but short on liturgy, meaning, and spiritual satisfaction. But at least their version of Jesus gives a big thumbs-up to butt-sex.

There won't be a "civil war." Those who disagree with orthodoxy don't show up to Mass to begin with. What makes you think they're going to show up for theological battles?

Now, let us join together and sing Andrew's favorite hymn, "Our God is a Persuadable God."

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