Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hiding From Men In Wigs

Reading this just makes me more certain than ever that if the folks at Sellafield behaved like our L3 friends in the justice system, the Libs would be demanding they be publicly executed. Plus, the whole of Cumbria would glow in the dark. The self-same people who profess to predict the temperature in 2100, claim to be staggered that rapists carry out rapes. Who'd have thunk it ? If the Left could support it's ecorantings with this level of evidence, Conservatives would be taking the Raleigh to work. Then again, whatever happened to 'corporate manslaughter' ? The Left is prepared to investigate exactly how many turns a locking nut needs, but we're not supposed to ask questions about a court system that lets maniacs out to kill.

But what of the Conservative Party ? Most decisions in politics demand a careful balancing of pros and cons - this isn't one of them. No one can construct an argument for the utility of letting perverts strike again. Stop ten people in the street and nine of them will tell you that the judicial system is out of control, but what does Howard offer ? Really offer, as in concrete policy ? I am a Conservative and I can't think of a single compelling policy the Party offers on crime. We can't avoid the issue any longer. The problem is not a matter of nuance, interpretation or tactics, the problem is that we have a system filled with people who think the prospect of a dangerous criminal striking again takes second place to 'sending the right message', or whatever the insane Liberal phrase d'jour actually is. Public safety takes second place to Gramscian posturing. Until the Conservative Party is prepared to acknowledge that central fact, it cannot be trusted to make Britain safer.

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