Monday, April 18, 2005

Screw Culture

Speaking as someone who's long believed that the average footy hooligan has a better developed moral sense than the typical Metropolitan intellectual, I always knew this was going to happen. Liberals might struggle to win actual debates, but let them write the script, design the stage set and direct the production, and they're unstoppable. Lefty theatre is to political debate what masturbation is to sex.

Then again, what is culture these days except a vast rescue hypothesis for Liberals ? Actual humans might laugh at Liberals, but that's only 'cause they're not cultured, see ? The Yin to the Yang of Liberals declaring themselves to be higher beings is that they seek to justify their claim by self-consiously reactionary posturing. Of course, a real rebel on the London scene would be adopting a pro-Israeli position, but that's what the ordinaries would do. Seeing the redeeming features of a bunch of genocidal loons, now that's takes real insight - and that's the other objection to the whole culture thing. Not only does it allow Liberals to indulge their thuggish elitism, but it also offers them an unjustified sense of achievement merely for adopting the positions of amoral degenerates.

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