Sunday, April 10, 2005

Humbug'N'The Hood

Normally, a clash between a prominent race hustler and the Met would strike me as the political equivalent of France Vs Argentina: can't they both lose ? But get this: the race hustler in question, future PM and incoherent idiot David Lammy, is whining about the Police not being tough enough in Tottenham.

Yep - no mistake. DJ Chutzpah is in da house!.

To be fair, plenty of us on the Right has protested before about the Filth's habit of racing to a dead halt every time they're called to an incident involving GUUUUUUUUUUNS. Then again, Lammykins never had any trouble with that policy before now. Must have been something about the previous victims of this policy that didn't engage his sympathy.

As it happens, there was something else going on here. Here's the Met's Chief Supt Stephen Bloomfield trying desperately to avoid the elephant in the room:

He said it was irrelevant that the incident happened at Broadwater Farm, where Pc Keith Blakelock was killed in a riot in 1985. The issue was rather how a distressed crowd reacted.
"There were 250 people who were frightened and confused. In those circumstances people don't always respond as they do normally," he said.
Or to translate from Liberal to English, the Filth were worried about being attacked by a mob (and then, inevitably, being accused of provoking the scumbags). Personally, if we must have ethnic greivance miners like Lammy still waving the bloody shirt of Stephen Lawrence, I don't see why we're supposed to forget that it was residents of Broadwater Farm who decapitated a police officer. Neither should we forget how Bernie Grant's celebration of that fact made him a hero to the locals and propelled him into Parliament. Grant, Lammy and the rest of the race-hustling degenerates have built their careers on a toxic mix of racial paranoia, victimhood and outright thuggery, all of which are perfectly exemplified in this case. After all, we're talking about an incident in which a black shot a black in a black area, but Lammy claims it's all the fault of the honkeys, and then… well, let's hear him speak for himself:

"The community perceive that they were not being policed. I am told police were making a risk assessment, but this has had enormous implications for community relations. If this young man had died, this would be a much more serious situation."
So, if the Filth don't stop worrying about the propensity of 'the community' to go on the rampage, then 'the community' will go on the rampage. But it'll still be the white man's fault.

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