Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Liberal Complains Election Is Being Politicised

Labour has been taking a hammering in the polls over their 'Hello Osama' immigration policy, so naturally they've released a serious of proposals to reform the immigration service, close loopholes and expedite the repatriation of bogus asylum seekers.

Just kidding.

What they've actually done is what they always do: engage in some race-baiting. Need you ask who's the Left's bagman is ? Yep - Trevor Phillips, head of the completely non-political Commission for Racial Equality.

Armani Trev is worried about….. well, here he is:

Britain's party leaders have been warned against inciting racial tensions during the election campaign.
The head of the Commission for Racial Equality, Trevor Phillips, told the Times politicians needed to "reduce the temperature" on political debates.
His comments follow reports around the country of racist violence, including attacks on traveller sites.
So, like, can we have some, actual, y'know, examples ?

Apparently not:

"I can't give you survey evidence but we know what's happening in schools. We know what's happening in factories and so on," he told the newspaper.
No wonder Armani Boy is always banging on about gypsies - he appears to have based his schtick on Gypsy Rose Lee: 'I see a tall, dark stranger….he's being beaten to death by a gang of crazed skinheads, all quoting Michael Howard…. no, I can't give you his name….or location….or a date…but it's really, really serious'.

Honestly - the bloke walking up and down the street claiming 'The End Is Nigh' has more specifics than this.

He said political parties needed to realise the effect their words may be having on the general public, and "ensure debate remains rational".

"What they've all got to understand is what they intend and what they think they are saying is not necessarily what other people are hearing," he said.
See ? If you disagree with Armani Trev, you're not rational. Well, it makes a change from calling Conservatives STOOPID. After all, we don't claim to be intellectuals, but we're not STOOPID enough to fall for that second line. The Liberal:English translation runs something like 'Despite employing the services of the nation's best quote miners, we haven't been able to identify so much as single objectionable statement from the caretaker at Huddersfield Conservative Club, so I'll guess we'll have to resort to sub-tabloid innuendo and voodoo politics'.

As it happens, there have been examples of 'racist violence, intimidation and mob rule' before. Take events in Aston, for example. What does Armani Trev think of that ? In fact, we have already seen mob violence in this campaign. Where is The Trev ? Come to think of it, we need to ask Trev if this kind of violence is made more or less likely by a Lib Dem candidate claiming there's a conspiracy ' to deprive Parliament of a Muslim MP'.

Equally, how about Trev's Brother-In-Blather, David Lammy and his none-too-subtle hints at mob violence. No need for any translation there. How does Trev feel about that ?

Then again, what are we to make of this kind of thing:

Most liberal-minded folk would like to think that since they are not hostile to people of a different race, racism is a disease of the uneducated, unenlightened and socially backward — football hooligans, British National Party supporters, policemen. You could call this the Bad Guy Theory.
Surely, Trev would acknowledge that this kind of mindless abuse of law enforcement officials can also be seen as inciting violence. Perhaps we need to silence that author too, mmmmm ?

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