Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Liberals Seek Evil Genius Behind Christianity

To steal from Ann Coulter yet again, at least when Liberals write about heroin addicts or gay bathhouses they know what they're talking about, but religion ? Doesn't ring a bell, dude.

All of which brings me onto this. NS rightly reports on the train wreck knowledge of economics on display here, but the deeper question is this: what's this garbage doing in a religion textbook anyway ? Never mind the L3 ranting about creeping theocracy, it's religion that can't get away from politics. 'Jesus, loaves, fishes, lazarus, whatever...right, now let's tak about Chimpy McHitler killing Iraqi babies'. BLUUUURGH!

It's the perfect sign of Liberalism's complete inability to comprehend religion that they really think the basis of Christianity is support for higher taxes. In a perfect example of the exception proving the rule, the only religion that gets any respect from the Left is the one that really does have a full load of ideological baggage. Rules on which hand to eat with the Left understands, but that whole thing about 'the body of Christ' - forget it. Hence the L3 confusion over JP II. They couldn't handle a man who espoused some positions that were judged left-wing and some that were right-wing. Where did he get his ideas from ?

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Bird of Paradise said...

What about the evils behind communism? and the EVIL BEHIND HUMANISM