Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Balanced BBC

Auntie has revealed the guest list for the This Week in the run-up to the elction and it's a lu-lu.

Guests lined up for This Week's election programmes include impressionists Rory Bremner and Alistair McGowan, historian David Starkey and comedian Rich Hall.

Leading brain researcher Susan Greenfield, novelist Fay Weldon and ex-newspaper editor Rose Boycott are also due to appear in the show.
Well, I think we can safely say Rory Bremner is on the Left. I'll give McGowan a pass, since I have no idea about his views. David Starkey is apparently a Conservative - the type who hopes Ann Widdicombe falls under a bus, like so many Conservatives. Rich Hall, meanwhile, is very definitly Grade A Moonbat.

Not only is Susan Greenfield an Oxbridge academic, in every sense of the phrase, she has spoken at Labour conferences and been a guest at Number Ten several times. Fay Weldon is a pin-up girl of whiny female victimhood. Rosie Boycott used to edit The Independent - need I say more ?

Or to put it another way, out of seven guests mentioned, six are Liberal to some extent or other, while not one can be described as a full-on Conservative. Add in the fact that the regular guests are Lefty Labour MP Diane Abbot and Lefty Conservative MP Michael Portillo and the question has to be raised: wouldn't it save a lot of money if the Beeb just spent thirty minutes showing the testcard with the phrase 'Up Yours Tories' on it ?

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