Wednesday, April 27, 2005

If Only Freud Was Still Alive...

Well, I did say before my little trip that the Left would try the old debate/hate trick, and bang on cue, the Rottweiler Puppy reports the latest iteration on the Charlotte Wyatt case:

The judge said relations between the parents - who have two other children, Daniel, two, and David, six months - and St Mary's, were fragile.
Hospital staff were stressed by the enormity of Charlotte's plight and, as they saw it, the "volatility" of her parents.
There’s an important point here. Liberal’s obsession with judicial supremacy is predicated on the idea that judges aren’t just mere technicians of the Law. No way, siree – not only do they have a fine knowledge of the Offences Against The Person Act (1886) but they’re also intellectual giants as well as arbiters of morality and the common good. To listen to the L3, you can’t hardly not want to assign judges the role of super-legislators and take law-making out of the hands of the Great Unwashed (y’know, people like neurosurgeons, pilots, entrepreneurs, scientists and other rabble).

Well, now: here we have one of these ubermen, and he seemed baffled by the existence of hostility between parents and the people trying to kill their daughter. Honestly, you could throw playing cards off the roof of the Anfield Kop and the guy who picked up the seven of hearts would have more clue than this (although, admittedly, he wouldn’t be as well informed about the provisions of the Farming Act of 1934).

Speaking personally, I’m not sure what I think about euthanasia. I can certainly see a case for the whole ‘death with dignity’ thing, but my blood runs cold when I see something like this:

He [Hedley] pointed out the hospital did not have the necessary intensive care facilities and, if none were available at Southampton, a countrywide search would have to be conducted. Charlotte, under sedation and being ventilated, would become "more an object to whom things are done than a child".
Well, ‘scuse me, m’lud, but the determining factor in a euthanasia case is the state of the patient not the NHS. Or is he really saying that he would be less minded to kill if there were more NHS hospitals in Southampton ? What if all the hospitals in Hampshire were swallowed up by the Earth ? Would he recommend we let diabetics die with dignity ? Never mind talk of treating Charlotte as an object, he’s treating her more as an unwelcome burden, selfishly gobbling up NHS resources. The cow! In his statement Hedley perfectly sums up the problem with socialist health care - indeed with socialism in general – patients get what it is in the interest of the State to provide, not what they need.

Of course, this cuts both ways – if you have done something with your life which the Left can really get behind, why, they’ll strip mine whole onion fields for you.

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