Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Who Speaks For The Children ?

Well, now this is just shocking! Isn't this just symptomatic of a developing Continental-style 'fraud culture' ? Should the media take some responsibility for continuously glamourising acts of banking ? And what of the fact you can walk in off the street into a so-called 'stationers' and walk out two minutes later with an accounts book ? You can even buy a full set of pens and a ruler with it and the only question asked will be how you want to pay.

The bottom line that no one yet has the courage to ask is this: who really needs a bunch of hoplophobic lunatics ? Surely if these people are so obsessed with seizing guns they should join the Police ? There's simply no good reason why a civilian needs access to high-grade hoplophobic lunacy - they should leave it to the professionals at the Home Office.


Down in the comments 'Anon' points out that the MAG website shows that it is supported by So Solid Crew.

Apparently, someone told them that when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns, and they said 'sounds good to us'.

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