Sunday, April 17, 2005

Weakness Not Strength

There's been plenty of comment about this insanity in the blogosphere. Personally, it cheered me up no end. It's a perfect example of the L3/human chasm. The Left has had near-monopoly control of the institutions for so long that they've lost the ability to construct any argument more complex than Bush=Hitler. Or, to return to the topic at hand, what does it actually mean to call Top Gear 'outdated'. In fact, that charge is the perfect exemplar of how Liberals argue. To a Leftist, merely calling something outdated is a damning phrase, but those of us who don't believe the world was a living Hell prior to 1963 want a bit more. After all, Shakespeare's play are really old, while Harold Pinter's are new, and that kind of raps it up for the benefits of modernity.

The whole of Transport 2000's charge sheet is like that. A collection of shrill, barely coherent, Liberal talking points - and I loved it. Listening to Liberals thrash about trying to construct an argument is always fun, but there was a deeper point here: the complete failure of the Left to sell their garbage to the Great British Public. The Left can only win by lying or by coercion. Or, to put it another way, even a bloke who knows more about pistons than politics can see through their dipstick positions.

As it happens, it looks like the Smirking Menace will be returned with a hundred seat majority on May 5, which is certainly bad news - but I'm still not ready to listen to any talk about the ultimate triumph of Liberalism. Say what you like about Lady Thatcher, but at least she didn't spend the Eighties talking about how much she valued the input of the TUC. OTOH when Blair talks about crime he sounds like Judge Dredd. Ditto, the EU, immigration, tax…..All this after eight years of PC terror.

No doubt about it - the Country can barely survive another five years of Labour, yet there is reason for hope. The whole basis of Nu Lab's Gramscian project is that control of the institutions will allow them to reshape the minds of the public. Well, we've had eight years and the public is still resolutely unconvinced that paedophiles are just misunderstood.

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