Monday, April 11, 2005

All The **** That's Fit To Print

More insight into the news values that dominate our elephantine state broadcaster. Sectarianism in Scottish football is apparently news to the Beeb, but a mob attack on a Jewish memorial service in which elderly veterans are struck by missiles ? Puuulease! Dogs bites man, apparently.

It's not even as if they don't know where Bethnal Green is. They manage a distinctly tongue-in-bum report from a debate between Oona King and the Lion of Halabja[Sample exert: The slightly intimidating mood was not helped by the tieless Mr Galloway standing in the doorway furiously chewing gum, looking for all the world as if he was about to go 12 rounds with Lennox Lewis. Miss King swept past him without making eye contact, and settled into her seat, attempting to appear serene and composed.] Yet, a near-riot by a bunch of ROPers isn't news. Anyone think that if the attack was by BNP supporters we wouldn't be hearing about it 24-7 ?

For that matter, given that Conservative critics of immigration are apparently responsible for every racist attack in history, how should we judge the Lib Dem candidates comments that 'the Labour and Respect candidates of conspiring to deprive Parliament of a Muslim MP'. Pretty inflammatory stuff, muh ?

But no. An anit-Semitic mob disrupts a memorial service and the Beeb doesn't want to know. But don't call them Dhimmis.

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