Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Foxhunting Bill Of London SW1

There are a least a hundred reasons why Tessa Jowells comparison of the BBC to the NHS is insane, but the most obvious has to be this: at least Conservatives can get treated by the NHS. As far as the BBC goes, who'd be surprised to find they'd changed their motto to 'Up Yours, Conservatives!'. Wait - they've already done the next best thing.

That's the bias right there. The BBC can't even pretend that this is anything other than a calculated insult to Conservatives, together with no little triumphalism, a way to remind us that they've got away with it for another ten years (here's hoping not).

But what does it say about the BBC, or indeed the Left in general ? Fearon doesn't represent any particular philosophy, he has no insights to offer, not even Tom Paulin can claim he has any worth outside his worthlessness - his sole value is that he allows the BBC to stick it to Conservatives. That's what passes for deep thought on the Left these days - soaking the taxpayer, flicking v-signs at Conservatives and hailing their own heroism in doing so. Look at Labour's election campaign for proof of that.

This is where the Left is these days. They've been on the wrong side of every issue for the last thirty years so they've turned to cultural nihilism. They might not be right about anything but YOU SUCK!.

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