Thursday, January 21, 2021

A Cuck Cucksplodes On The Launch Pad

True to it's mission statement aiming to 'push back against the herd mentality with new and bold thinking' UnHerd comes out with a post attacking... Donald Trump. 

Yeah, baby, they went there. Daring!

I know what you're thinking:
Hey, DJ, does the post by any chance include painfully pretentious pseudo-intellectualism and shoehorned in references to ancient history while never actually laying out any actual, specific charges against Donald Trump? 
You know it does!

Actually, it is groundbreaking in one respect: most TDS posts at least get through the first 100 words before going off the rails. Here are the opening words of this one:

It was one of the weirdest moments of the last four years: President Trump stood before a church, holding a Bible like he'd never seen one before.

Presumably, the point of the stunt last summer was to reassure godly Republicans that he was on their side, during the depths of the BLM protests and riots.

Just a random church? Or St John's Church in Washington DC, the one every US President had worshiped in, right up until Antifa savages tried to torch it the night before? 

That was why he was there - he was visiting the scene of the attempted arson of a historic building by fanatics. But never mind that, the key thing is he looked kind of weird - that's some top drawer intellectual analysis right there!

Meanwhile, what were the respectable conservatives doing? 

Hiding, mostly. That's what counts as morally upstanding in Cucklandia: being neutral on the whole 'desecrating churches' thing. The Republican establishment spent the whole summer AWOL while America's cities burned but now they're ready to take on the real enemy: their own voters. 

And it's not even as if the cucks can claim to be any good at winning elections. Weren't Mitt Romney and John McCain the poster boys for respectable conservatism? How did they do again? 

At least DJT won in the first place. These guys got wiped out at the ballot box but apparently, in the US just as in Britain, no matter how many times the cucks stand on the rake, the conservative movement will never need to move on from cuckservatism.  

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