Thursday, January 07, 2021

Today's 'Conspiracy Theory' Come True...

Hey, remember how people used to say that the liberals would hijack the 'Prevent' program to harass conservatives and the left said they were crazy? 

Eton College reported its dismissed Master to the anti-terrorism Prevent programme for allegedly advocating male supremacy and the glorification of violence.

The elite £42,500-a-year public school reported their concerns to their local authority over teacher Will Knowland's lecture.

School chiefs dismissed Mr Knowland after he refused to take down an online lecture tackling radical feminism and the concept of 'toxic masculinity' from his personal YouTube channel. 

Who knows? Maybe they were genuinely worried that he might be plotting to....what exactly? 

Make a really sarcastic video? Include a sock puppet called 'Ms Feminazi'? Or even escalate to doing a livestream?

The contrast with the treatment of the Manchester Arena bomber is striking.

As with much else in modern life, we're being asked to accept that there are two classes of people in the world. Our speech is violence but their actual violence is treated as all but a particularly colorful rhetorical flourish. 

A system that explicitly designates a large chunk of the population as an underclass deserves no respect. Hence why I refuse to be outrageously outraged by events in Washington right now. 

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JuliaM said...

Meanwhile, in 'glorifying violence' news, Shelagh Fogarty might be in for an interview without coffee by her bosses at LBC...