Monday, January 11, 2021

They Took A Knee...Right In The Nuts

Who says Sir Keir lacks the common touch? 

Labour today piled more pressure on Boris Johnson to shut down professional football after players flouted Covid-19 rules again and were accused of losing the 'moral case' to continue as infections rise and the NHS struggles to cope.

Yep, that will certainly win back those lost voters: demanding Lockdown Xtreme while making sure there's nothing to watch on the TV too. 

At risk of stating the obvious, given the insane amounts of money clubs pay to secure their player's services, the average Premiership training ground may be the safest place in the country. No one's going to pay forty million for a young starlet then not do everything they can to reduce the risk of losing him for six months to Chinese Lung AIDS. 

Hey, at least the training grounds are a lot safer than certain places I could mention. Someone should ask Sir Snooty about that.

I guess the player's union needs to start making those big donations to Labour. Kickback enough cash to Labour and not even killing people is enough to derail the gravy train (if only there was a well known former prosecutor the media could ask about that case). 

Of course that does raise the other point. Professional football has spent months literally bending the knee to the left. They fed the crocodile on filet mignon and now they're under the team bus. 

Shockingly, it turns out liberals are prepared to fill acres of newsprint hailing the courage of millionaires who denounce guys working the evening shift in Krap-e-mart for their white privilege but when push comes to shove, the essential rule of dealing with liberals is the same as it ever was: you can get in bed with the left but they won't respect you in the morning. 

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