Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Just Glad Sir Freddie Isn't Here To See This...

Time for the band to start up on the gay pride anthem, and its stirring opening lines:
I gotta be me
I gotta be free
You'll get busted
If you disagree
Yes, indeed. The usual suspects are shocked - shocked! - that anyone could exploit someone's death to make a wider point. Well, you know, except for....

As befits cutting edge rebels sticking it to The Man, they've decided to whine like singed cats and set the PCC on the author concerned.

It's enough to make you nostalgic for the stoic machismo of Freddy Mercury.

Still, if bringing lifestyle into it is so controversial, how come these folks never complained about the eighty bazillion adverts which not so subtly suggested any guy over 30 who liked the odd hamburger was just asking for a heart attack (and never mind those right-wing loons who suggested genes were the biggest component in heart disease). And as for those fags cigarettes...

Hey, there's no 'hate the sin, love the sinner' where the health nazis are concerned. They aren't shy about depicting smokers, drinkers and the like as bad parents, slobs and the general untermensch. It's only when the gay lifestyle comes into the crosshairs that the finger-waggers get struck dumb.

If Stephen Gately was a young, up and coming accountant whose usual evening meal was a McD's takeout chowed down while working late in the office, he too would have been asking for it, but wondering, for example, whether it's such a good idea to regularly use enough speed to have sleeping beauty running marathons? Outrageous!

But that's the point: it's precisely because the supposed offence is so puny that the usual suspects are so determined to make it this century's holocaust. The whole objective of these howler monkey flash mobs is to make dissent from PC orthodoxy too hot to handle. Apparently, the gay agenda is such a well-worked out set of policy prescriptions, no one's allowed to talk about it.

Hey, maybe the lass in question could claim she was just offering a 'critical perspective on gay culture'? But no, the rules of the game are simple: guys dressing as priests and inserting crucifixes in each other's backsides is daring political commentary, but asking just what 'innovate, don't assimilate' actually means is The Hayte, and they'll scream and scream until they make themselves sick.

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