Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mysterious Sudden Dismemberment Syndrome Strikes Again!

In a similar vein to the last post but one, consider the contrasting ways the MSM reports certain stories of murder and mayhem. Look at the BBC's coverage of the slaying of Christopher Alaneme. The BBC have no problem stating authoritively that this was a racist murder. More to the point, there are 'background' pieces, seeking to put the murder in context.

Now consider the reporting on the Banaz Mahmod Babakir Agha case. Of course, the mere fact it is being reported is progress of a sort, but there's a certain difference in tone there. Straight reporting only need apply. She was savagely murdered and dismembered. End of story. No speculation as to motive there, no H K phrase, far less any M word. No context either.

What it's all about, as ever, is that one murder serves the Liberal agenda, the other is like a dagger to the heart of it. Articles such as this on the Alaneme killing make all but explicit the Liberal's desire to leverage this incident into some kind of collective indictment of native Britons in general. Gosh darn it, we're just not PC enough, we haven't drunk enough of the PC kool aid and swallowed whole the idea that all cultures are equal, except for Western culture which is the worst ever.

A case like Banaz Mahmod Babakir Agha reminds us what multiculturalism really means: diving headlong down the cesspit of moral and cultural relativism until we can't even call a depraved Fifth World abomination what it is. What chance any BBC reporters interviewing members of the - ahem! - 'Kurdish' community about their attitudes to honour killing ?

Every time the MSM find a 'racist murder' that goes in the ledger as further proof that the native British are evil scum, but when the killers are Islamically-inclined, the MSM's reporting is an alzheimer's joke given unnnatural life. Every incident involving the RoP is a bolt from the blue. Liberals are the only people in the world who claim it's a coincidence that the ringleaders of Sep 11 and July 7 both had the same first name.

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