Wednesday, May 31, 2006

School Report

Devil's Kitchen is covering the latest from Polly Pot. Surprisingly enough, he's not impressed. Me, I don't mind the deranged one that much. She seems to suffer a kind of Liberal Tourette's syndrome, whereby she says what Liberals actually believe, rather than what they think the public wants to hear, thereby inadvertently revealing the real reason why Britain is so screwed up. Just about any randomly-selected chunk of thirty words is usually enough to find something moronic, yet deeply revealing about the insanity of modern Liberalism. Check out this insight into British education:

Creative Partnerships was set up in just 36 deprived areas to bring artists of all kinds to work in 1,100 of the poorest schools. Perhaps a group of disruptive 16-year-old boys is preventing everyone studying for their GCSEs. They take them out and teach them to dance for a term, bringing them back in to make a transformation in the whole year group.

Yep, that's why there're so many stabbings in British schools: not enough dancing.

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