Monday, June 01, 2020

*Multiple* Layers Of Factchecking

Say, remember that story the MSM was obsessed with last week?

Yep, that one.

Well, it turns out....
The Mail on Sunday can today reveal that a retired teacher who reported the No 10 adviser to police broke lockdown rules himself – while a supposed ‘witness’ who claimed Mr Cummings had made a second trip to the region admitted he made his statement up as a joke. 
Tim Matthews said that he doctored the details on an app used by runners to record routes and times to make it seem like he had seen Mr Cummings in Durham six days after he had returned to London. 
Meanwhile, former teacher Robin Lees, who called police about Mr Cummings taking a trip from his parents’ Durham home to Barnard Castle, last night admitted to making a long-distance trip himself.
Say, would that be the retired teacher who claimed he had verified Cumming's identity by running his plates through a database that in reality is only accessible to police officers? Or would it be some other one?

I guess it wasn't about the lockdown after all. Who'd have thunk it?

Not the MSM anyway. They keep preaching about the dangers of the online world, even while they give publicity to obvious frauds. They're either really stupid or really corrupt, either way I think we'll get along fine without them. 


JuliaM said...

"I guess it wasn't about the lockdown after all."

Just as it's not about George Floyd. It never is.

Greencoat said...

Leftists doesn't care about black people, white people or any kind of people. They just want power: naked, unaccountable power.