Thursday, December 03, 2020

Cuckservatives Find A Dung Heap To Die On

Hey, I'm so old I remember when the cuck wing of the conservative movement couldn't go five minutes without talking about the vital vitalness of 'electability'. Once Fat Dave started his reign of error in 2005 there was no stopping these people from lecturing everyone on how important it was to ditch any actual conservative policies in pursuit of electoral success. Actual conservatives had to get with the program, you guys, and realise this wasn't the hill to die on (where 'this' meant any actual conservative policies whatsoever). 

Well, it turns out a funny thing happened just recently: I believe the technical term for this is an 'open goal' where are the squishes? If winning votes is your thing, deporting homicidal lunatics would seem to be just the ticket.

Hey, free clue wets: there's a reason why it's the crazy wing of the Labour Party which has taken up this cause while Sir Keir is busy hiding under the stairs. Labour could always introduce a manifesto commitment to protect the rights of Persons of Homicide but, strangely enough, they're happy to outsource it to Mr Justice Crazypants and the rest of the unelected freaks on the bench. 

Nope, the non-insane parts of the Labour Party know they're juggling nitroglycerine. Deporting felons is not just the right thing to do (duh) and also a vote winner (duh), it's also the perfect example of why people gave the Tories an eighty seat majority in the first place. Nobody voted for violent lunatics to be given an Access All Areas pass to Britain, it was just one more thing the snoot class managed to sneak into law via phony baloney, non-adversarial lawsuits between activist lawyers and pro-open borders government departments.  Now, at last, the left is being forced out of the closet and made to stand up and state openly what they've always believed ('Open Borders Uber Alles'). 

I don't think it'll go well for them... except the cucks seem desperate to let them off the hook. As Meatloaf would say, they would do anything for electability, but they won't do that. Everything else is up for grabs, but deporting killers? That's just so dreadfully suburban!

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