Monday, December 14, 2020

"Alexa: What Is Today's Example of An Alleged Conspiracy Theory Becoming Current Policy"

OK, technically it was last week, but still: here we go again:

Britain will remain in some form of lockdown until at least March despite the roll out of coronavirus vaccines, Professor Chris Whitty has warned. 

The chief medical officer said not enough Brits will have been inoculated against Covid-19 over the next three months to keep the most vulnerable out of hospitals.

He urged people not to let their guard down now a jab had been approved, saying it would be 'really premature' and 'absolutely the wrong thing to do'.

Who could possibly have seen that coming?

Not the MSM anyway - and not just because they were all partying with Kay Burley. 

But at least the lockdown should help, right?

People in Wales have been 'strongly advised' to not spend Christmas with family members they don't live with after infections surged by 65 per cent in three weeks.

Say, wasn't that the home of the super strict lockdown? 

Why, yes, yes it was:

.Wales is already under a stricter lockdown than England, with pubs and restaurants required to close from 6pm and a nationwide alcohol ban across all hospitality venues. 

It was a lockdown but not the right type of lockdown, apparently. 

You know, you'd have thought they'd have pointed that out at the time, not waited until the whole of Wales went through it then claimed they totes knew it would fail, you guys.

That's the thing. There should, ideally, be several differences between a senior scientist and Madame Zelda what does the astrology column in the local rag, but the big one, the key one, is that scientists are supposed to make actual, *testable* predictions. What they predict will either come true or it won't. 

Meanwhile, the common theme in our nation's descent into madness has been scientists shouting that The End Is Nigh, then after the fact explaining that we got lucky and the virus was shot by a second gunman on the grassy knoll. 

Seriously, has anyone heard any of these guys admit that, maybe, kinda, their models weren't so useful after all? Nope, it's science but the type where you don't update your theories no matter what happens.

You know, that kind of science. 

Look at the mask mandates. The rules keep tightening and the cases keep going up.... which just proves the rules need to be even tighter. There are literally no results of mask mandates that could not be used to justify further tightening: cases down, it works! Cases up? We need more rules! 

This is not science, it's the literal opposite of science. If your theory stays the same no matter what the results are, you're not actually doing science. 

Honestly, next to these guys even Creationists in Kansas look credible. I mean, have you ever seen an actual, living dinosaur?

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JuliaM said...

"I mean, have you ever seen an actual, living dinosaur?"

We're discounting the Houses of Commons and Lords, yes?