Thursday, December 17, 2020

Failure Is Not An Option - It's An Opportunity.

Say, did someone say conspiracy theories keep coming true?

At this point, I'm pretty sure that if Godzilla attacked Brighton then the Covid Cultists would cite it as a reason for even tighter mask mandates. 

No, there's no reason why a giant monster should be deterred by people wearing face nappies, but at least we don't have ever-increasing numbers of monster attacks running in parallel to ever-tightening mask mandates so, you know.... wearing Anti-Monster Cloths is still more scientific than anything these Covid Cult has come up with. 

Meanwhile, back in the (increasingly less) real world, it turns out the utter failure of Boris Burkhas to achieve much of anything means we need moar burkas!
Wearing a face mask while shopping for Christmas presents may slow the spread of coronavirus scientists say. 
Current rules only require the coverings to be worn inside shops, with many quickly ripping them off as soon as they step back outside. 
But leading experts have now urged Brits to keep their masks on in crowded outdoor spaces, such as packed high streets.
'Experts' is doing a lot of work here. 

Professor Melinda Mills, a sociologist also at Oxford University, added that Briton was an outlier in insisting masks should only be worn inside - and not outside in public.
'When we looked at the data in June, there were 71 countries who required everyone in public to be masked,' she said.
It's the science of sociology, you guys. If only there was a branch of mathematics which could allow us to look at how infection rates vary between countries with different rules!

I'm sure she might have mentioned the possibility of checking this out but she had to rush off as she's got some time booked on the new 8 Trillion Watt laser in the Sociology Labs. 

Isn't that just special though? These people have spent months telling us tO lISTEN tO tHE eXPERTS. Meanwhile, when it comes to tightening the noose everyone's an expert. Hence the appeal of the Church of Covid - simply adopt their absurd mantras (as propagated by the Government, huge corporations and 90% of the media) and you too can be hailed as a fearless warrior for the public good. 

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