Monday, November 23, 2020

The MSM: Speaking Truth From Power (Part 2,457)

Lest we forget, long before the WuFlu made it obvious, British academia was already dominated by woke nonsense. The evidence is all over the place, but the undoubted winner of Best In Show is the rehab industry, a train wreck mash up of Marxism, New Age lunacy and the weirdo obsessions of a small group of privileged upper-middle class brats. 

How full of it are these people? Even they don't believe their own doctrines, at least to judge by cases like this. 

Two things virtually all criminologists agree on: escalation - meaning that over time this type of offender will commit more and more serious crimes - and, linked to this, that cruelty to animals often acts as as a gateway to committing the same type of crime on human victims. 

All of which is by way of saying that this is a potentially extremely dangerous individual and so, naturally, the police have done.... what? 

Don't ask the perfessional journaljismers! They've given it the memory hole treatment - no doubt influenced by the Protection of Sadistic Creeps Act (2019).

But wait... I just checked and there's no such act. No one ever voted for this. If it's true that the loony card is being used to let dangerous savages walk free then that's surely something the public has the right to know. 

Apparently, justice *doesn't* need to be seen to be done, after all, just as long as it involves muh mental 'elf.  

Local journalism is super important, you guys, but just not the type that involves reporting stuff. 

We should totally give these guys a bail out!

Hey, I might not be a Certified Member of the Order of Journalists, but I'm thinking that a bloodthirsty maniac walking the streets might actually make a better story than, say, painting gorillas (no, seriously). 

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JuliaM said...

"If it's true that the loony card is being used to let dangerous savages walk free..."

Let's get the journalists to ask Emily Jones!

Oh, wait...