Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Major Disaster Is Not Happy

I take it all back. Professional Conservatives really are more sophisticated and nuanced than the knuckle-draggers in the conservative base. Consider Exhibit A

Hey, I don't mind the colourful language or even the breaches of the code of conduct, but the real obscenity is that it's this that finally brings this guy out of his coma. 

Manchester bombing? Whateva! 

Fellow veterans being targeted with bogus war crimes charges? Zzzzzz 

People opposing Boris Burkas? Unleash the hounds!

You can't even say it's due to the seriousness of the situation itself. Even if we're only talking specifically about the WuFlu, where's the outrage at Public Health England's dog in the manger act, or Professor Pantsonfire Ferguson still having a job?

Nope, nothing to say about any of this apparently. It's just uppity citizens that grinds his gears.  

Maybe this guy's just confused? Maybe he thinks his role is to represent the state and hold the public to account, not the other way round? 

It seems to be a common problem these days. 

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Penseivat said...

Major Disaster may not be happy, but General Cockup is doing what he does best.