Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Conspiracy Is Already Here

Uh oh.... looks like the MSM drones have decided to flog the whole 'conspiracy theory' dead horse again. 

Here's the thing though. Being a conspiracy nut seems to involve pointing out things that were - until thirty seconds ago - regarded as clear conflicts of interest. 

Meanwhile, the folks who are Following The Science are busy producing the world's worst superhero movie: beware the Slimeinator

To borrow a line from the Simpsons: your low-quality CGI says more than real evidence ever could.

That's the thing right there. The Scottish Government makes a propaganda piece but evades restrictions on political advertising on TV by calling it a public health message. Even though it's clearly meant to advocate for a specific policy and everyone knows it.

There's no secret conspiracy to undermine democracy, it's right out there in public. 

When the police kneel before some demonstrators and violently attack others, they're making it pretty clear that this whole 'equal under law' thing is long gone. 

Ditto, when a police officer beats up an old lady on camera with no consequences, then it's clear that whatever the law says about reasonable force, that only applies if you're not judged an enemy of the people. If you are, then paid agents of the state will work you over. 

This is banana republic stuff. 

Forget all the talk of DNA tagging and databases - it might or might not be true but all the key elements of a totalitarian state are already here. Rights for those the Government approves of, a sound beating for those it does not. That's literally what tyranny means. 

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Nick Roberts said...

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