Wednesday, April 01, 2020

We're Not All In This Together

I was worried about getting the Wuhan Virus but a friend is sorting me out with something that will guarantee I can stay free of it, namely: press credentials.

At least I assume that's how it works, given the number of times I see some MSM drone on screen standing in a sunny park reporting on how important it is that everyone else stays indoors.

Again: it's 'freedom of the *printing press*', not extra special freedoms specifically for some group of people called the press but no one else.

Leaving that aside though, I'd wonder if the MSM would be so up for putting the whole country under house arrest if it applied to them - like it should - but I think there may be a chicken and egg thing going on here. The MSM have given up even pretending to speak truth to power, now they're all about speaking truth from power, explaining why the power is totally awesome and how we should give it even more power - and yet somehow they've evaded the regulations that are strangling the rest of the economy.

It's a Scooby Doo mystery alright!

The thing is that the MSM has been so craven in it's coverage of the lockdown, that it's arguably been completely counterproductive even if you think it's a good idea. The average person can work out that strong cases don't need wall to wall propaganda.

Then again, the real epidemic appears to be a nasty outbreak of people advocating for measures that won't affect them anyway. Look at all the academics demanding the lockdown be extended until the heat death of the universe.

Hey, why not? They're still getting paid without having to do any work. It's the Mother Lode for these guys. Meanwhile: this, this and much else besides.

Yep, innovation from a whole host of organisations but almost none from the supposed Smartest People In The Room. We have 100+ plus universities where people are paid to push back the frontiers of knowledge, meanwhile a brewery is producing hand sanitiser

You can tell which side of the great divide Academia is on by the way no one in the MSM will mention this. In fact, they won't even mention the stuff they really should mention.

Yep, this is 'Archduke Franz Ferdinand Found Alive, World War Fought By Mistake' territory. We're trashing the economy based on projections produced by a bunch of Mean Girls - the chief one of whom has yet to release the actual model he used to create his projections in the first place. You'd think that would be a bigger story but the MSM doesn't want to risk it's Park Privileges.

Still, at least academics aren't openly fantasising about mass murder, unlike some people. 

True, that's not official policy yet but they're working up to it.

I guess the good news is they're over whatever problems the 'Tori Cutz' caused, right? Apparently, there were always plenty of police officers available, but they'd just fallen down the back of the sofa.

It's not only the numbers though. When did you ever see this kind of aggressive policing applied to, say, burglars?

They're telling us who they are in the choices they make.

Grooming gangs? Whateves!

Some guy walking his dog in the middle of nowhere? Launch the drones!

No one voted for this. The party that comes closest to this worldview just got hammered in a general election. But no: the police are run by SJW lunatics who hate the average British citizen and seek to humiliate him or - to use their own phrase - to 'rub his nose in it' at every opportunity. Meanwhile, the lower ranks are dominated by twerps, sneaks and virtue-signalling drama queens. 

Basically, it's as if the country has been put under martial law by Tumblr.

All of which takes us back to where we started. We have draconian enforcement of the law when it comes to Rebel Dog Walkers, but how about police officers who harass innocent members of the public citing bogus laws? Anything going to happen to them? Anything at all? 

Nope. No consequences at all: PC Pantsonfire is in the club and you're not.

So there.

What all this has done is clarify where we are in Britain today. We're effectively two countries. One country is stuck at home watching its business implode, the other is in City Square telling you to stay home forever while they count their cash.

Like I keep saying, the whole reason BoJo was able to get a proper majority where Fat Dave and the Maybot failed was that people thought he might actually do something to fix this. Everything that's happened since the WuFlu arrived has just rammed home the need for change.

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