Monday, August 17, 2020

Did I Mention They Hate You?

Why, yes, yes I did. 

And just to ram the point home, here's Julie Burchill confirming that our watchdog media are even more incestuous, corrupt and insular than the political class. 

Apparently, it's super important to name and shame blue collar suspects even when they haven't, strictly speaking, done anything but naming the, actually convicted, pervert friends of La Cosa Media? Not so much. 

Reminder: even on LBC - which markets itself as the voice of the man on the Clapham Ominibus - you can still switch on when you wake up and make it through to lunchtime without hearing a single presenter who's not a public school educated second generation media luvvie. As for the likes of Times Radio and Radio 4....

We should totally give the media a bail out!

Of course, Julie B still can't identify the final piece in the puzzle.  I guess writing for a libertarian site means this whole topic is what artillerymen would call 'Danger Close'. When it comes to nonces, liberals and libertarians all agree that the real issue is the dreadfully unnuanced takes of the lower orders (and, also, they're super sophisticated for refusing to call absolute depravity what it is). 

Using air quotes round perfectly accurate words like evil or pedophile is treated as an actual argument by these hipster douchebags. Meanwhile, wanting predators caged is tacky and crude.... I guess it's  sort of like the super important difference between drinking pints and drinking drams of Old McMolester.

They're smart and you're stupid and that's all you need to know, peasant.

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