Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Remoaners: Not Getting It Since 2016

House of Dumb Rule One: Liberals always - always - overdo it.

Take the Dominic Cummings situation. The left and the MSM - but I repeat myself - claim he should be sacked because he may possibly has broken the law to ensure he safety of his mentally handicapped four year old son.

That's an attack line with 'win' all over it: dad was excessively concerned with junior's safety.

Does anyone outside the bubble find this remotely compelling? But no: the usual suspects are piling in and by doing so, they're pretty much reminding us why people voted conservative in the first place. Consider this: Sky News featured a lovely chat about all this between Adam Boulton and Alistair Campbell.


Can you think of two better representatives of what the public rejected in December than these two disgusting, arrogant pigs? The whole reason Boris Johnson got elected was because he won the votes of everyone who refused to accept the presence of scumbags like this in public life as a permanent feature of British politics. The MSM isn't worried about the specifics of Cumming's road trip, they're worried that he might threaten their ability to treat public life as a member's only club. 


JuliaM said...

"Does anyone outside the bubble find this remotely compelling?"

Well, around 40 Tory MPs say their postboxes are full to overflowing with outrage from ordinary members of the public....and if you can't trust modern Tory MPs to get an accurate reading from ordinary members of the public, who can you trust?


Greencoat said...

The post-box of an MP is a mysterious thing. One MP confessed on his retirement (natch!) that the subject which his constituents wrote to him most about was mass immigration. He cannot be the only one. Yet, strangely, this type of outrage never sees the light of day.