Monday, April 30, 2018

Another Certified Super Genius Bites The Dust....

The only thing that the sinking of Amber Rudd truly demonstrates is the old rule that in politics you can get away with being a moron, and you can get away with being arrogant, but being an arrogant moron will sooner or later prove fatal.

Yes, yes, I know the MSM has been anxious to convince us that Rudd is a modern Elizabeth I (but smarter), but who can name a single memorable thing she ever said, let alone done? 

What is the sound of one hand clapping? The public responding to an Amber Rudd policy statement. 

That's one reason why I'm relaxed about the open borders lobby claiming another scalp. Here's the next: they've had to out themselves. They keep pretending that they're totes in favour of secure borders, providing that doesn't involve actual border security. Now suddenly they're outraged that the department responsible for dealing with illegal immigrants has a quota for dealing with illegal immigrants, and people are starting to notice.

Apparently, some guys being wrongly deported means deportation is bad, m'kay, but epidemic levels of non-disclosure in rape trials proves nothing, you guys.You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, then deleting all references to the eggs from the witness statements.

That's the other thing. As the attempts to seemingly indict every guy at Durham University proves, Amber Rudd was a fully paid up Metropolitan liberal drone, but that still wasn't enough to save her once she accidentally found herself committing heresy against the sacred Order of the Open Border. She hoped to bamboozle the chumps by talking tough and doing absolutely nothing but it turns out that playing it safe wasn't so safe after all.

That's not to say Amber Rudd would necessarily still have her job if she'd said 'hell yes we've got a target for deporting illegal immigrants: every single one of 'em' but at least she'd have some support in the country ('some' meaning 'a lot' I'd say)! As it is, she's the chump, she's the idiot who thought swallowing the liberal agenda whole would protect when all it made her was just another utterly disposable drone.


Anonymous said...

There's something else which her case demonstrates.

The Home Office minions could focus on clear cut cases of young men who reject every aspect of British Society or they could focus on little old ladies. Who do they choose? Which cases do the papers get to hear about. It's almost as if the Home Office has it's own agenda and will sabotage policies they disagree with.

JuliaM said...

It's hubris, yes, but also with a big streak of incompetence. And perhaps inability to recognise that her civil servants aren't really on her side, and would be delighted to be given the opportunity to insert the knife.

And twist it.