Monday, April 02, 2018

Who, Whom Shall Be The Whole Of The Law

There no better evidence that the two Irish rugby stars accused of rape really are innocent than that the left has chosen to go after them. Look who the left doesn't protest: apparently, it's eminently possible that a thirteen year old girl would consent to group sex with middle-aged sleaze bags but not that a twenty-something would consent to sex with a couple of international athletes.

Yes, indeed: even the age of consent is Islamophobic now.

There's the obvious point that yet again it turns out that this Grrrl Powah! only extends as far as targeting people who won't fire back, but consider the flip side. Consider how Victorian the feminazi position sounds. We're meant to take it as read that no woman would be interested in a couple of professional sportsmen teaming up for a ruck between her posts. Is this feminists talking or Peter Hitchens? Who's buying all those copies of 'Fifty Shades' anyway?

The feminist approach to due process is literally like the old witch trials, either the accused drowns or his failure to drown proves the Patricarchy is keeping him afloat. No one is ever innocent - except the bearded guy ranting about Infidel whores.

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