Tuesday, March 27, 2018

SJWs Always Project

As many have pointed out, the left no longer loses elections, instead every single time it turns out they got robbed by a massive, huge conspiracy designed to make them look like out of touch freaks.

Hence why we’ve had nearly two weeks of MSM drones trying to claim that Trump was elected thanks to a small group of brilliant – yet evil – psychological manipulators in the flat bit of England. How likely is it that Cambridge Analytics have the type of deep psychological knowledge that can swing elections? Consider the nature of the supposed whistleblower:
In the words of the Observer’s pink-haired, nerdish whistleblower, former CA employee Christopher Wylie….
You’d think a company full of supposed genius psychologists would spot an obvious kook, huh?

B O’N gets half way there:
These people are so entitled, they were so used to getting in their own way in politics, that as soon as something didn’t go their way they assumed that some massive, powerful, shadowy group must have warped the heads of us, the little people.
But there’s more to it than that: consider the actual scandal of the Nazi pug farce. 

Almost all MSM coverage has concentrated on the question of whether or not it’s actually funny. They take it as given that it’s the government’s role to deal harshly with Felony Unfunny. Barely a single MSM drone will ask if unlicensed comedy is really a serious social ill demanding state action. They just can’t imagine that each and every one of their own petty prejudices should not be enshrined in law.

Hence the meltdown over Brexit and Trump. It’s all projection. They’re convinced that the right will abuse power as badly as the left always does. It may be a good thing overall that the right doesn’t do this, but we ought to at least stop pretending that there's anything reasonable or respectable about the left's position.

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Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

It's been a leftist tactic since Lenin, scream loudly about the counter-revolution to distract attention from the fact that you're busy assuming more powers and taking more control.