Monday, March 05, 2018

The Greatest Living Englishwomen Speaks....

....and her PR team collapses to the floor sobbing:
I come from South America and it’s part of our culture to speak out.
'Our culture'?



I thought Gina was as British as Elizabeth I flying a spitfire over Stonehenge and so anyone who pointed out she was a Plastic Brit who sounds about as convincing talking about Britain as Prince Charles sounds gangsta rapping was therefore a really huge racisss....

This is just further evidence for my theory that the Remoaner fanatics are almost entirely drawn from one of two groups:
  • People who don't understand Britain
  • People who don't like Britain.
Hey, Remoaners: quite a few of us rather like the idea that British political culture is not some deranged mix of a supermarket trolley dash and the Roman coliseum. 

Meanwhile, how's that 'healthier' culture working out for people in South America? 

That's the flip side of it: globalists keep telling us we need to embrace other cultures, but we're not supposed to point out that said cultures frequently produce hellholes, objectively worse by every possible metric.

Apparently, we're not supposed to 'speak out' about that. In fact, we're even expected to swallow stuff like this:
People know me for the Brexit case, but I’ve been a transparency activist in the City of London in the charity sector for years.
She's a 'transparency activist' but we're not allowed to ask how someone with zero public profile previously suddenly gets David Beckham levels of coverage in the media or who's funding her campaign. How about we get some immigrants from a culture where they practice journalism?

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JuliaM said...

"How about we get some immigrants from a culture where they practice journalism?"

Ouch! /applauds