Monday, March 19, 2018

Guardians Of The Narrative

Good post by Ace here re: America's allegedly elite media and their passive aggressive attempts to push conspiracy theories. It's all good but this bit struck a chord:
Those who have expressed skepticism about this conspiracy theory have been pilloried -- pilloried by the NeverTrump Smart Set Circle Jerk for a long time.

Jonah Goldberg certainly saw the attacks on Mollie Hemingway.

Why did he never say, "Wait a minute, the Washington Consensus is not agreed that there is any 'there' there, so her opinion, while it could be wrong, is perfectly respectable at this point in time, with this current state of the evidence?"

Seems very strange that the Washington Consensus has known there was no "collusion" for a while now and yet so few members of the Washington Consensus stepped forward to say that skepticism about this was a perfectly reasonable attitude to take.
Hmmmm.... that sounds vaguely familiar.

The MSM is now claiming to be shocked - shocked - by events in Telford. Apparently, the notoriously naive newshounds from Fleet Street were bamboozled by the fast talking big city cops from Shropshire.

The thing is though, plenty of people were reporting on what was going on, Breitbart and Katie Hopkins for two. The MSM wasn't just skeptical about these reports, they were certain that it was outrageously outrageous even to suggest such things could be happening.

They weren't just unconvinced, they were prepared to state affirmatively that anyone who claimed there was systematic sexual abuse by Islamic gangs was a nasty Nazi nutter.

Well, now we know just why people thought there might just be the slightest possibility of Islamists targeting Infidel girls, how about these guys get asked to produce the evidence they used to decide it was all a hoax?

This goes to Ace's larger point. Just as the Washington elite never quite come out and say that they think the Golden Don finishes a tough day's presidenting with a game of chess while drinking vodka and listening to Tchaikovsky, Britain's MSM never get round to saying what they think is *really* going on in places like Shropshire.

Yes, the MSM doesn't believe that there's any connection between Islam and sexual exploitation of Infidels, so what *do* they think is going on? What other possible explanation can there be for how we keep finding gangs consisting entirely of one certain religious group targeting girls from any other religion except their own? And how about these guys answer that one before they get to point and shriek when anyone next mentions the I word?

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