Monday, March 12, 2018

Privatisation: This Is Why

Our long, dark national nightmare is over:
KFC has returned to its former delivery contractor to supply chicken to 350 of its restaurants after hundreds were forced to close last month. Bidvest Logistics lost its KFC contract to DHL, whose issues with its delivery hub sparked chicken shortages across the country and the vast majority of restaurants shut at one stage.
No doubt the usual suspects will be citing this for the next ten years as an example of the failures of capitalism, before calling for a Central Council for Chicken Products to ensure the public has a constant supply of CCCP approved food.

Never again can this country face the horror of nearly a whole *month* short of fried chicken! We need the type of careful planning and strategy that has made the NHS what it is today....
The heartbroken parents of a two-day-old baby who died after a needless operation today described the horror of their son 'arriving home in a coffin'. Paul Mitchelhill died in his mother's arms following risky abdominal surgery carried out by a doctor who wanted to 'prove a point'
Oops... but at least they moved fast to get to the bottom of it.
Solicitor Lynda Reynolds from law firm Hugh James, who represented the couple, today said: 'The family have endured a long wait for resolution of this tragic matter while GMC and police investigations have been ongoing.
The family have had to not only deal with these terrible events, but have also continued to have to fight for their voice to be heard since newborn Paul passed away in 2013.
Maybe it was complex case and it all came down to a judgement call?
Delivering her verdict, coroner Mrs Dilks said: 'A locum surgeon with responsibilities for Paul's care failed to undertake a thorough analysis of the risks and benefits of the primary closure operation.
'He undertook the operation within the first day of life when no emergency action was indicated and without the knowledge and appropriate discussion with Paul's parents and surgical colleagues.
'He failed to identify abdominal colleague syndrome or give appropriate weight to the concerns expressed by the paediatric intensive team in respect of Paul's condition.
'He failed to undertake timely abdominal surgical decompression. These failings directly contributed to Paul's death.'
Hmmmmm.... it's a complete mystery why no one pulled up this guy..... and .gov is trying its best to keep it that way.
Solicitor Lynda Reynolds [said the parents] were initially refused Legal Aid to fund representation at the inquest and only after an appeal were they granted a 50 per cent contribution towards their legal costs.
'The Legal Aid Agency contends it is 'reasonable' for the family to contribute towards their legal expenses.
'Without specialist representation getting to the truth and understanding what went wrong and achieving some accountability for the loss of loved ones is impossible.
'This is quite apart from the fact that public funds have been used to provide legal representation for the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Trust'
So they kill off members of the public then use public money to smother any investigation. What a great business model. That's the difference right there. It's not about efficiency. The private sector may be more efficient but that's not the big thing. It's about accountability.

A fried chicken company does a one-eighty in less than a month, meanwhile it takes five years to get the truth about a dead child. Who would you trust not to make the same mistake again?

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JuliaM said...

I didn't need to look too far into this to see why the NHS went to the wall for this chap...