Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lockerbie: The Rosetta Stone Of Liberalism

If nothing else, the release of the Lockerbie bomber has neatly undercut all that liberal whining about 'judicial independence'. They claim to oppose mandatory minimum sentences because they think only the judge should determine the tariff, but now a politician has chosen to set a scumbag free - sans any kind of public debate - that's completely different.

Then there's the whole 'tiny minority' thing. In so far as the guy who murdered 270 people was given a hero's welcome in Libya, this would seem to bring into question the whole 'Religion of Peace' thing.

Then again, if you want to talk about diseased political cultures, we have one closer to hand. Hey, like I keep saying, Celtic separatists give us real nationalistic bigots a bad name. There's nothing to redeem the SNP here. Not even the most bonkers calculus can show how this was in Scotland's interest. Nope, they released Megrahi for no better reason than to demonstrate contempt for civilisation in general and the UK in particular. That would be a ludicrous basis for any policy, but when it leads to releasing the mad bomber, you start to wonder if Hadrian had the right idea after all.

To the point: could leftists stop babbling about the dangers of English nationalists, at least until some English people start calling for murderous savages to be set free just to stick two fingers up to Scotland?

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