Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quote of the Day

Andrew Breibart describes a common experience:
I just started to see trends in my personal experiences that ran so contrary to what the media narratives were. At first I was flummoxed by it and then I just started to listen to certain people on the radio who were more clear-thinking than the professors that I had in college.

I remember thinking when I was in college that a lot of these known Chomsky-like, verbose high lefty thinkers made absolutely no sense, but I thought that was my problem.
Liberalism's big ace in the hole is that they've managed to persuade people that if they can't make sense out of liberal ideology, that's just becuase their brain doesn't work properly. Equally, I'm thinking most conservatives have been through that one point in their life when they suddenly realise that, yes, liberalism is an incoherent mess of prejudice and degeneracy after all.

Actually, the whole interviews good - Breibart's big thing is that he realises that politics is just a subset of the wider culture war. We could do with a guy like him over here.

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